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We are open for Submissions of e-books!

Alternatively - if you have a free promo up and running at Amazon tip us off and one of our reviewers will download it.  But please go through the correct process of emailing us with other details: see bottom of page. 

Here at RRM there is no restriction on whose books are read and reviewed e.g. favoured authors or favoured publishers. In fact we are one of the few review blogs to encourage and support Indie authors without prejudice.

That said, in reference to Indie novels (and all the reviewers are in agreement) the occasional typo will be ignored, the occasional grammatical error will be excused, but historical blips may be highlighted if the mistakes are due to slack  research. 

All the above are equally found within conventionally published novels despite in-house editors and proofreaders at publishing houses.  

The elements for obtaining an excellent, good, or moderate review is all down to the plot itself, the flow of the narrative along with natural dialogue, and last but not least, the novel's overall entertainment value.   

All the reviewers are cognisant to the differences between US/UK grammar and spelling, so there is no likelihood of either becoming highlighted as incorrect.  

To submit a book for review please send:

1) book cover image, 

2) back cover blurb/synopsis, 
3) preferably a mobi/ebook file, or Pdf as last option. 
Alternatively inform us when you have a book on a FREE promo at Amazon. 

Be assured all files are deleted once read and never shared with third parties. 

Enquiries to Francine or Charlotte  admin. 

Thank you.